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The spirit:

  The spirit is a force of our will that is formed by the release of energy, that acts as though an addition to the collective spirit or the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything. This spirit is the effective energy put to action. That means the spirit-that-goes-through-everything creates what you think, act or feel. So don't think your acting the part, if you don't want the spirit to create things. This faith is the action that derives off this idea.

  This is formed off a belief that something will happen, that is where you think the point and its done as you make actions or this can form effect by idea you imagine sometimes from the actions. This derives off spirit practices for faith effects and how energized the body is for activity, that uses the aura with energy vibrations.

  This is a form of manifest. If you think of the result, you think of the effect. Now by thinking or focus is the manifest, so if you think of the idea you can shape what is created. When your done, you can have created nearly anything. This is also a basic prayer form if you needed one, that's done if you stated what you wanted as an end result. This can manifest anything by the power or consciousness of the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything.

  So think carefully what you need as a wish and you could get the idea when you need the result and sometimes your aware of things. Seem to agree with an Okay being stated, then you can get what you want if you couldn't get things done before. This is the way to get acceptable activity, that is done by what you perceive in actions. So think and you can get what you want, this is done by what you think with feeling the senses or need.

  Think for a moment, if you had the energy of conscious thought to play with by feel or senses, that is the conscious of energy, you could think to create something useful. So a point could be an addition or a subtraction of something, otherwise you can think to create something and the idea is there. You can bring things with you if you happen to die. The energy shifts the item to you where you are in your next life by idea. This is a point that your need can be felt, if needed.

  So this is done as its the energy of the spirit that goes and flows through everything and everywhere. This is from in the land and universe. The spirit is the spirit of the land or nature, a collected influence by spiritual energy of many spirits, some use is from people with things. This force of energy is able to influence any event, this is felt by created effect.

  Deny the spirit, you make yourself weaker. Allow the spirit energy to flow like water instead, this is done to make yourself stronger. The spirit is also energy in us that allows us to do things and by our will through influence. We think then we are the idea, then the energy conscious can create what you wish or not do things by not reacting.

  We do this by opening and closing our chakra gates. We can deny the spirit energy by closing off the chakra point gates or slowing the energy flow. We can open chakras by making energy flow through it as we will them to open. A gate to open is the energy gate near the pineal gland. The chakra point or energy body gates will open easier with stimulation to the chakra points. Don't try to take advantage or you could get tired.

  The spirit energy in our body can allow what it thinks is necessary and what we want it to do. Anything we wish to occur. When we want it and where we want it. This effect is considered filtering of the energy we get. If the spirit knows its not good energy, it can be removed of its influence. Simply stripping the programming of the energy, we keep the bad reactions from happening.

  Think to gather the spirit energy, think it is there for us and where we want it. Our will is what we think and need for the spirit to do. We can create effects with the spirit and with extra sources. To cause a body wound to disappear, summon energy to the area and make the energy cause the body to forget the wound. This works with the brain as well.

  So to actually practice this idea, think to ingather the excess spirit energy that clings to the things and people, your spirit can manifest funds from it. The more work you do, the more Ki you get. This is the focused spirit energy of the body that we collect while working. We can get more money from the Ki changing the energy into funds. The more ki, the higher the repute. The more Ki, the more money that is possible. The money manifests from the work we do, when we want it to. However, this is not instant and spiritual money can be anything exchanged. The brutal exchange can make it so you 'don't like the currency.'

  When money making, the more money flowing makes the greater funds. This is spending and recieving things. The more money you might recieve by spirit permission. Spirit permission is gained by the need being known, and what materializes from that need. This is how you can get more money than usual, usually double or triple what you spend. Because with more money, there's more spending and more need and demand.

  This proves your character. However, you may choose to keep some money for later on. When you are doing things with this, so try to think of what you do or want from work first. Work with the thought of what you want to get, and use it as a goal and intent. When you see the need, then you may not think and do things. This is only natural intuition, an you get the intent by doing the effort.

  Focus your mind on the moment at hand. Then, breathe in and out slowly. Maybe add a mantra word like 'Aum' to cleanse to air of bad vibes or 'Ko Aum' to kill the bad influences. Think or state, 'I can command the energy I have to achieve what I want or need. Everything has a purpose and happens in time." Gather your spirit energy by thinking it where you want. Perceive the energy, as it is. Try to collect a moment of thought and think of your purpose.

  The purpose you think turns into your intent. Then by thinking your intent and releasing the energy, your causing your result you want to occur. Think to release the energy, think it where you want it and feel it go freely to achieve the result. If you succeed you will feel at peace and there is a chance, that the effect you needed will happen. The higher the personal power, the higher your chances of full manifestation.

  The attractions we get is from what spirit energy we put out. A positive idea thats expressed gets positive reactions and attracts more people to you. A negative or disagreeable idea expressed, will get a negative reaction from those who think its negative. Assurance comes from the spirit. This is when you know things are going to happen, yet not always do you know or realize what will occur.

  When rage is present in you, you introduce to the spirit a demonic nature. That is a reddish spirit with tripled strength. This can cause things not to work and cause the rage further. Indemnity comes from the spiralling upward of enragement. Rage only lasts so long, so don't destroy with it. This is a point then you know things is where you can hurt someone, otherwise you might have to pay for it later by paying off a karmic debt energy. So be calm and you can avoid excess force and unnecessary damages. This is a point that you know things are safe and you can calm down.

  Thus to avoid the trouble we may get, think positive and use the gravity of the situation or importance of the moment and act to what you may think is right. The more personal power you have, the more attraction you get and the more active you are as you can understand things. This is a natural trait of building up energy in the body. So when we want someone or something in the area. If we have enough personal power, then when we think the person or the thing will be there, the more possible that the event is made by the need manifesting by our will.

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Spirit remembering awareness:

   The spirit gets aware of something that is being formed (can be a sentence, can be a manifestation, can be whatever bla bla) just 1 second before it happens. So metaphorically, lets say this is lightspeed and you, consciously, get aware of the thing when it happens. So thats like sound speed. If you launch a firework, before the launching starts, the launching sounds is already in the skies. So, your spirit gets the info while its being formed in 'its terms' but your mind gets it when it happens. If your spirit is experienced enough, you will have more insights. Because, your spirit will be quickly aware of the 'formed' thing. And, the process of YOU being aware of it might become one day like directly when your spirit gets aware of it. We have 1 second or more of opportunity.

   Opportunity sounds better in the terms of benefit and ego, but the thing is when the blade is at your throat it becomes what don juan from the Castenada Books says '1 cm3 of chance'. I mean it telepathic-wise rather than clairvoyance-type. For example, in the terms of very experienced powerful naguals, when the blade is at their throat, they can suddenly, and unconsciously, might find themselves at a distance. This is automatic function of survival instinct occuring by their wild and powerful spirit.

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Spirit pressure:

  The spiritual pressure is an idea where you gain energy and it reflects in the aura but is felt in the forehead. The more Ki and body energy, done by activity, the higher the spirit pressure. The more you get results an your aura extends. This is detectable when energy is used. Ki in this case is the use of activity to build up life energy. To detect the spirit pressure, be aware of your aura. Then, the effort is done as your thinking and focusing your mind on your aura. Perceiving the aura as it is. The more aware you are, the higher the Ki spirit pressure.

  The further the energy radiates off the body, the stronger his energy level is. When you have focused so that you can see the energy radiating off of you, blink once or twice. When you blink, you will notice that there will be an exact line between the air and your energy. This way you tell exactly what his energy level is. Here is a scale to measure energy levels with:
  1 inch-200% energy level   1 foot-2 0r 3,000%   5 feet-about 15,000%   10 feet-about 30,000%   Every foot is about 3,000% energy level.

  Feeling energy levels is the most common way to tell energy levels. A Ki scan is pretty much all you have to do to feel an energy level. You do this by feeling their energy around you. You should be able to sense any energy level of anybody you want. Just make your Ki touch their Ki, and you will get a feeling. The stronger the feeling, the higher the energy level is noticebly.

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Spirit rituals and practice:

  There are varied practices for you to do and achieve things with spirit energy. These are for those who want to do effects that are like magic. Just remember to use a candle or imagine a lit candle for when you do them. This gets you better effect. There may be negative energy in the area, so to dispel it. If there are any faery in the area, then they will remove the negative energy vibes, sometimes on request. Make yourself calm and state 'Aum' or 'Om' by pronouncing the word out as you send spirit energy to clear the bad vibes.

  Creating with spirit or the god is to make something that materializes by the love of the effect and doing. This means you create an object or person. When you create, it can form anywhere and it goes where you need it to go. The process is simple, to make something is to think what you want and intend it there to materialize, feel the idea form and stating the end result by whatever means you want. This is easier when you have enough energy.

  This is where you get the subconscious and spirit to create the result together. Sometimes drinking something or eating a bite of food is enough chemical energy to replenish the energy used. Then you get the effect of what you want, this seems possible when you think of what you want. Then if things are done by the point and needing the result, you can create that effect more easily.

  Mediating is where you focus the mind, then use meditation techniques such as breath in fresh air energy and out bad energy slowly. Think to clear the mind, then do the breathing as you can think of the idea to do to get a result. Thinking of what you want as you meditate creates that as a point, if you can keep your inner chatter down. Think to sleep and the meditative state turns into rest, that is created by the spirit. This is important if you cannot get to sleep, otherwise you could stay up till you naturally fall asleep. So meditation helps with many things, this is including clearing your mind and creating by zen what you want with what you think and need. Further discussed here.

  This is the spiritual intuition, or spirit guided moment to get knowledge from the soul to do something, this makes for better understanding. Thinking about what you do with the spirits help. Or, with practice, the instinctive reaction of the body to just do the thing you want. When you need something done, the spirit causes your knowledge to improve and you do the right actions.

  This is the knowledge granted by the creator and also added to by experience you get. Consider things to get this action, need the spirit to help you. Then you may call the spirit guide and have it guide you to do the right action, or you can need the result and decide to do the right activity. Then the spirit guides you into doing the right actions. You find yourself doing the right actions.

  Spiritual translations: This is when you think or feel to understand by fee or feeling with the senses, then if you listen to the language and conversation the spirit-that-goes-through-everything translates things. This works by relaxing your mind, then you understand by what is said. This is not fool proof so learning the lanuage is advised, think about things then things come clear. If they don't then your a little too stressed out or something along those lines, so if you think calm thought and the spirit does the rest. Then your soul understood what was said, this is done as you heard the language before.

  When you want to do a blessing, anyone can do a blessing, try to think of the Spirit and will the action if you think and imagine the point for the blessing of the god on the person. Saying some words to get this done, will help make it seem an effective use of the spirit energy.

  A healing technique that uses energy of the spirit, this is done to focus the energy of your voice or thoughts. Thinking your intent, state it at the target. Feel the body you send the energy to heal. Touch with both hands on two reiki points as you send spirit energy from one hand to another, through the body. This will make the body repair itself faster.

  Think of the points as a transfer point, so your touch will heal the person. That is a point to do things and work with the idea you get, this is done if you can stand the person and idea you perceive to heal by the spirit. This can create drug effects in the blood stream as well, that is for restoration of the body and this causes healing by what you sense with feel. The only thing about this drug effect is you have to had experienced some form of it before. So there you go.

  This is where the energy essence can be very interesting. It can be any essence of drugs or substance. This could also be any chemical coming from drinking. This is the reason some effects can linger. With the spirit, you can recreate the effect of the essence, then feel it over. This is an idea of mine that proved true, you can gather essence from anything touched with thinking that you do as energy. When the essence is recreated, it can become real again from the added energy.

  Where you want to get rid of the essence of the substance, then you will it go out of you. This works for diseases, as you can remove the disease essence and put it in a rock. The more you can remove, the faster it can seem to heal. If your drunk, then by removing the alcohol essence you become sober. When you remove the lingering alcohol essence, you remove its effects. Remove the decay and death energy, then the disease can heal quicker. Where there is a disease, there is some death energy.

  Surging is fun, the surge is streaming gathering energy by feeling it collect and streaming it forth. This can cleanse an area. Alternate possibility is to make a burst circle effect. To radiate it outward and in a circle. If you gathered enough energy, you can surge an effect and make it work better. Finally, you can purify anything you focus the spirit energy at. This is where you can surge and also cleanse your energy. Making quicker healing. This helped by water grounding. Be in a shower or lay in bath to ground yourself. This drains the bad essence and replenishes the good. If you can create the point of resurgence, you can get added effects that you think of from a later point in time.

  Also a form of surging is to spread your finger and thumb, and imagine a stream of energy going from the finger to the thumb. This is cause of reenergizing you. For large scale surging, try to make energy go from one hand to another. The hands are spread apart at any length you feel is necessary. As you energy surge, try to cleanse yourself of taint by thinking 'cleanse' at the energy stream, or make yourself relaxed as you try the surge and allowing it to go. This works indeed, that is done by you putting your energy back into yourself. Your thoughts program the energy to do an effect.

  Make it better, that stated or willed and focused into working or sent spirit energy, will be making things better for yourself and maybe for those whom you intend to be effected. This will make the area better, to be in as well. When, you state it as you will it near a candle or two, then you get better results.

  Ether effect; This spirit effect is a spirit form of magic that works on ether. Ether is a more intense form of spirit, that uses most the elements by manipulating it to get an effect. You can get almost anything to manifest, if its allowed for and you have enough spirit energy. This energy effect is over when you think of the point and decide to end the moment.

  Do this by thinking what you want as it can be an intent. Decide to get the effect and this gets easier. Then, willing your subconscious to do the effect, your stating what you want as an intent. This is stated to get manifestation of some action and your intent. Ether does it all according to what your subconscious instructs and what you say is what the subconscious tries to achieve with the Ether.

  You may empower the object to emanate what you want it to. Think your intent to the object or state it, and touch the object. Clapping three times to amplify the effect.  The object may become undestroyable by this attempt. Now, all you need to do is be near it. What causes this empowerment to turn bad and give negative effects is damage to the object.

  Shield; We do have a shield of energy we can use. This is to form energy into a hard shell. Feel swirling energy that comes from above and then, the ground itself. As it hardens, you can feel it ward away danger. This keeps beings from entering you and possessing you. You can link the source of a sun to empower the shield. Imagine a drawing of a line from the figure of a sun to your shield. When you go and make thoughts at the shield, you can program it. So you program it and make it not programmed by others.

  Spirit Channeling; The spirit channel practice is where you take essence of left and discarded discovered energy. Think you know the spirit and work with the idea that the spirit is whom you command to do things in exchange of a little energy, then attempt to use words, projected thoughts and the spirit-that-goes-through-everything to make effects or your thoughts manifest. Feel it happening, and it will. When no results, practice makes for better results. However be considerate and do the necessary actions. High energy spirit channeling is where you use the Force capacity. Then try to do spirit channeling.

  Force capacity is where you are readying yourself by the effort of opening chakra gates. For full force capacity, try to open all your gates up. When you surge, with energy coming into you from the lava, the surroundings and other sources. Then full force is opening most of your chakra gates, this works when you can get greater surges, so try to exercise and do ki powerups. For an effect of high intensity energy surge.

  This is where you work with maintaining a certain level of energy. Folding into your blood by compressing your excess energy as you do things to build up ki. Makes you able to get results done by higher energy effects. This effect is another way to strengthen your mind and body, think to get more effort done. A note on ki powerups: Ki powerups are where you feel the energy intensify by thought and surge forth to create what you feel is necessary.

  When you do surges, you can get the effect of very high energy outpouring. This can flood the area with energy to cleanse it and take out energy barriers. A person of high enough personal power, they can get double the effect of which you normally would get. When you can generate enough energy, you can do it with a quick response. There is a possibility of death or disruption of the body with high enough energy buildup. But the spiritual energy level thats with enough personal power, can cause the death possibility to disappear.

  Other effects that are more detailed are in the Spirit rituals and practices page.

  If want to learn to channel some being, you may want to learn to channel. Here is channeling instructions.

  For elemental practices, that you can use the spirit to produce by attempt, go to the Elemental Practices.

  The Incorporeal magic guide, is invaluable to the striving interests of those who want to learn or study spirit magic. This is an in-depth guide to an alternate way of spirit magic.

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